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Community Management Services

Helping Associations Do the Best Job for Owners

We protect, maintain and enhance the value of the condominiums and associations that we serve, while helping board members fulfill their fiduciary obligations and responsibilities.

Our professionals do more than manage your association’s common areas and systems.

  • Cost-Effective Approach – We charge a comprehensive management fee with no “hidden” reimbursables. Included in our Fee, is a free web site for your community or building. Please visit our Association On Line Demo.
  • Involved – We provide premium, quality hands on supervision; and maintain the lowest manager to property ratio, thus assuring personalized attention. Our supervisors understand the complex operations of each association in their portfolio, and offer the value-added services associations need.
  • Preventive Maintenance – We implement a preventive maintenance approach for your association’s mechanical systems.
  • Financial Integrity – Your financial reports are directed by a certified public accountant, with decades of experience.
  • Improve Properties – We manage capital improvements from inception to completion.

Free Community Web Sites

Extensive Landscape and Construction Background

 Reserve Fund Analysis

Ongoing Staff Training

Systematic Preventive Maintenance

Utility Efficiency

Wholesale Purchasing of Supplies and Materials

Pro-Active Hands On Service

Capital Improvement Supervision and Construction Management

Comprehensive Budgeting

  • Reserve Studies/Comprehensive Budgeting – We routinely perform reserve fund studies and incorporate long-term reserve funding and capital project planning into the annual budgeting process.

Soundview Property Management is a full service association management company.  Listed below is a comprehensive list of services we provide as part of our standard association management agreement with our clients.  Our goal is to meet or exceed the expectations of our clients without charging ‘extra’ as many management companies do for services we consider to be included as part of our Management agreement.

Administrative Services

Financial Services

Property Services

Reporting Services

Architectural Review Services

Support Services

The Soundview Advantage

Maintenance and Janitorial Services

Association On Line



Administrative Services

Making The Boards Life Easy

Transition: Manager shall provide the necessary personnel and supervision to insure a smooth transition of all books records, as well as all other related items, from existing management.


Familiarization: Manager shall make a complete inspection of the community to familiarize itself as to the layout, construction, and operation of the common elements including, but not limited to: landscaping irrigation system, lighting system and all other mechanical equipment relative thereto. Manager shall familiarize itself with the association's documents and responsibilities and provide the community with a complete property audit, which will set forth in detail the condition of all community property. Inventory of all community property is included.




Monthly /Annual /Special Meetings:


Smooth Transitions

Minute Taking and Transcribing

Association On Line Creation and Maintenance of Community Web Site

New Owner Welcome Packages

Archive Storage of Association Documents

Annual Insurance Review and Policy Evaluation

Contract Review and Oversight

Title Company Closing Document Coordination

Capital Improvement Supervision and Construction Management

State of the art Accounting and Management Software

Computerized Service Request Administration

Florida Statute Compliance

  • Manager attends all meetings and makes arrangements for the necessary meeting facility, procedures, materials and personnel required in order to conduct the Annual Meeting. Proper notification is given prior to all meetings.
  • Manager transcribes and distributes minutes of all meetings.

General Administrative Services:


•          Manager provides guidance and advice to the board regarding administrative procedures and responsibilities.


•          Board recommendations regarding the hiring of Accountants, Engineers, Attorneys, and other professionals.


•          Manager investigates and reports to the Board all the incidents relating to the protection of the Association‘―s property and operation.


•          Update Association On-Line information.


•          Prepare and mail welcome information to new owners.


House Rules/ By-Laws:


•          Develop with the Board a set of House Rules and Regulations.


•          Consult with the Board and recommend additions and changes in the House Rules and governing documents.


•          Implement the policies of the Board and provide enforcement of the Rules and Regulations, By-laws and Resolutions as designed by the Board.


•          Receive, document, investigate, and follow through on complaints regarding violations of the documents.


•          Inform residents who are in violation of the community documents as determined by the Board.



Insurance Administration:


•          Procure bids for insurance coverage, correspond with agent, prepare claims, and follow through.


•          Manager maintains files of Insurance Certificates required for all contractors who perform work within the community.


Clerical Support:


•          Manager corresponds with homeowners, vendors, government agencies, and others on affairs related to the day-to-day operation of the community and maintain files of same.


•          Maintain files of all service contracts, specifications, insurance policies, legal matters, schematics, blueprints, and all other documents and records of the Association.


•          Receive all calls, mail, e-mails and website information relative to community.


•          Provide clerical support for all community related business and provide copies, collating, and binding as needed.


Computer Services:


•          Manager will prepare all community documents and maintains database of same.


•          Provide labels for mailing and sorting when required.


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Financial Services

Maintaining Financial Integrity



•          All of the financial services rendered are computerized utilizing, industry specific, state of the art software which is available to Board Members online.


•         On a monthly basis, Soundview maintains a complete set of books. These shall include:


Timely, Accurate, Current-to-the-day Financial Data

Billing Statements or Coupon Books

On Line Payment Option

CPA Directed Bookkeeping

Cash Receipts updated Daily by Bank

Board Member Secure On Line Access to Financial Reports

Multi-year Budgeting and Planning

Delinquent Collections coordinated with our In House Attorney

State of the art Accounting and Management Software

Registered Agent for Association

Employee Payroll and Vendor 1099s

Monthly Financial Reporting (modified or accrual basis)

•          Checkbook

•          Cash Receipts

•          Accounts Payable

•          Accounts Receivable

•          Cash Disbursements

•          Bank Reconciliation

•          General Ledger through Trial balance


Accounts Payable:


•          Manager checks accuracy of all invoices on accounts payable including all vendors and contractors.


•          Manager shall prepare checks for Board approval and signature and deliver same prior to the scheduled monthly meeting.


Assessment Billing/Accounts Receivable:


•          All assessments shall be billed on a pre-determined cycle utilizing statements or coupon books.


•          Owners' payments shall be mailed to the associations lockbox account. Owners may opt to pay assessments On-Line. Payments are updated daily


Past-Due Collections:


•          Past due letters to be sent to all homeowners in arrears and follow up on collection procedures, liens, and foreclosures.


•          Coordinate with Association's attorney on all legal matters.


Budget Preparation and Forecasting:


•          Manager prepares and presents to the Board (sixty days prior to the new fiscal year or as prescribed by the community documents) a proposed operating budget based on past performance and prevailing economic factors.


•          The proposed operating budget will be set forth in detail all anticipated income and expenses. Upon adoption the manager will, print and distribute budget to all homeowners in accordance with the community documents.


•          Upon request assist in the preparation of a reserve fund study for long-term replacement of capital improvement items reflecting life span, etc. 


Financial Statements: Comparative financial statements are issued monthly containing:


•  Balance Sheet    

•  Budget Variance Report

•  Income/Expense Statement

•  Cash Receipts

•  Cash Disbursements       

•  YDT General Ledger

•  Cash Flow Analysis           

•  Accounts Payable/Receivable

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Property Services

Taking a Proactive Hands on Approach

Soundview conducts routine site inspections of the community for the purpose of identifying CCR and Rule violations and reviewing the performance of the associations vendors and staff. Preventive Maintenance is implemented as directed by the Board.

Work Orders and Service Requests:


•          All services requests and work orders are received and entered into our database for easy tracking.


•          Manager coordinates maintenance staff and/or vendors to service requests and work orders.


•          Manager will inspect and follow-up maintenance work to insure successful completion.

•          Work order logs are generated monthly for review and for purpose of detecting trends and problems areas. These may be viewed on line through the community web site.


Maintenance Scheduling, Coordinating, & Supervision:

Current To The Day Maintenance Reports On Association Web Site

Extensive Landscape, Irrigation and Construction Background

Service Requests and Work orders processed via phone, e-mail, regular mail or website

Ongoing Staff Training

Systematic Preventive Maintenance

Utility Efficiency

Contract Review and Oversight

In House General Contractor

Capital Improvement Supervision and Construction Management

State of the art Maintenance Management Software

24/7 Emergency Service


•          Provide close supervision and evaluation over all work, labor, services, and materials required in the operation and maintenance of the common areas and facilities.


•          Coordinate maintenance staff to service requests from homeowners.


•          Diagnose maintenance and construction defects determining responsibility and provide clear directives regarding repair methods, etc.


•          Inspect and follow-up maintenance work to insure successful completion of service requested.


•          Keep work order log of all incoming and completed work orders.


•          Status reports included in monthly report.


Site Visits:


•          Manager visits and inspects the site on a mutually agreed upon schedule.


•          Additional visits for project supervision as needed.


•          On-site summary inspection reports submitted monthly.


•          Night visits for lighting system inspection, etc.



Bid Specifications and Contract Administration:


•          Develop specifications for all contractual services.


•          Research and procure at least three comparable bids and present to Board.


•          Research references and financial worthiness and make recommendations accordingly.


•          With prior Board approval, enter into contracts on behalf of the Board for services, utilities, materials, supplies, etc.


•          Provide contract supervision to insure compliance with terms, conditions and quality.


Property Analysis:


Soundview will evaluate, document, and report to the Board all information relative to assessing the community functions and performance of contractors and personnel involved in common area maintenance including but not limited:


•          Landscaping                                        •    Roadways/Parking Areas/Walkways

•          Lighting                                                 •    Security

•          Irrigation System                                 •    Signs/Fencing

•          Roofing/Siding                                     •    Drainage

•          Building Systems                                •    Pool-Docks-Lakes-Marinas


24-Hour Emergency Response and Dispatchment:


Emergency lines are maintained for any and all emergencies. Immediate dispatchment of personnel to follow if deemed an emergency.

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Reporting Services


Reporting is the predominant method by which Community's can (at a glance) review the necessary information needed to make significant decisions. The Board can opt to have the reports E-Mailed or may be viewed online through the community website. Our reporting is comprehensive, thorough, and is customized for each client. General areas that are covered include:




•          Financial Report                                      •     Work Order Logs

•          Delinquency Report/Action Taken        •     Contract Register

•          Updated Owner/Tenant Listing             •     New Owners

•          Vacancy Report                                        •     Legal Matters

•          Maintenance Reports                             •     Inspections

•          Management Issues Register              •     Bank Statements

•          Clubhouse Deposit Register                •     Insurance Matters

•          Status Reports                                         •     Property Evaluations

•          Related Correspondence                      •     Items of Special Concern

•          Accounts Receivable                              •     Daily Contact Register


Online secure access to Reports

Online Reports for  Board Members

Monthly Financial Reporting (modified or accrual basis)

Maintenance Reports

Multi-year Budgeting and Planning

Capital Improvement Supervision and Construction Management

State of the art Accounting and Management Software

Annual Insurance Review and Policy Evaluation

Timely, Accurate, Current-to-the-day Financial Data

The Management Report will cover all of the activities that take place on a monthly basis. The report is unlimited in scope and will reflect as much detail as the Board requests.


Each monthly management report is collated and bound in a professional manner. The report is provided on a monthly basis at least one week prior to the scheduled meeting. The manager will attend the monthly meeting to review the report and to answer any questions relative thereto.


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Architectural Review Services

Soundview regularly inspects the property and observes records and monitors deed restriction violations and contractor performance.

We establish, coordinate and provide the administrative and secretarial functions of the Architectural Review Committee (ARC), including preparation, review and approval of architectural applications, correspondence with owners requesting ARC compliance or completion of applications, and all necessary correspondence related to the ARC. To apply to administer home improvements, you must fill out an Architectural Review Application. Please print, fill out, and mail in the application or submit online.

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Support Services

•       We communicate with property Owners to understand their issues and find appropriate solutions.

•       We Issue work orders and monitor contractor performance to ensure that work has been completed in a timely manner and to the satisfaction of the Owner.

•       We will Issue notices of violations of association rules and regulations, and follow up to insure compliance.

•        Administer the association's insurance portfolio, including the filing of claims.

•        Prepare, copy, print and mail association written communications.

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The Soundview Advantage

Experience: Our staffs experience spans decades. This hard-earned expertise enables us to provide value in ways that are often difficult to quantify, such as guiding Boards in anticipating potential issues and planning appropriately, or auditing past performance and making improvements based on best practices developed with unsurpassed Technology while still maintaining personalized service! 

Free Community Web Sites

Extensive Landscape and Construction Background

Wholesale Purchasing

Ongoing Staff Training

Systematic Preventive Maintenance

Contract Review and Oversight

Multi-year Budgeting and Planning

Capital Improvement Supervision and Construction Management

State of the art Accounting and Management Software

24/7 Emergency Service

Team Approach

Pro-Active Personalized Service

Teams: Soundview provides a dedicated, professional team of people to attend to the needs of each community. Each team includes a manager, a full-charge bookkeeper and an administrative assistant. These teams are focused on providing high-quality, personalized service to individual communities.

Purchasing Power: Soundview’s innovative approach to contract services provides significant benefits to each Association. We utilize both local and national suppliers and purchase landscape, irrigation, construction, janitorial, roofing, pool, and lighting supplies at wholesale prices, and pass this savings on to our clients.

Contract Services: Soundview has built strong relationships with numerous contractors which allow it to provide high quality, warranty work at preferred customer rates. All contractors approved by Soundview are properly insured and agree to indemnify the Associations.

24-Hour Emergency On-Call: Two Soundview managers are on-call 24 hours per day, 7 days per week - including weekends and holidays. This service is provided to assist owners in emergency situations that threaten individual or community property. Backed by plumbers, electricians, restoration specialists, and other contractors, Soundview facilitates the appropriate response to emergency situations.

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Maintenance and Janitorial

Do your Association's common elements need a little more 'sparkle'?
Does your Association struggle to find cost effective qualified personnel to tackle small jobs?

Our maintenance and janitorial program is just the answer. Give us the opportunity to demonstrate how a tailored maintenance and janitorial service plan can improve the operation and appearance of your Association cost effectively.

A Brief List Of Services Available Includes:

  • Building Maintenance
  • Pool Maintenance
  • Pressure Washing
  • Carpentry
  • Painting
  • Irrigation System maintenance
  • Cleaning of Club houses & Buildings
  • Dumpster Corral Maintenance
  • Cleaning and Organization of Pool areas
  • Litter Patrols
  • Handyman services
  • Plumbing Repairs
  • Light Electric
  • Bulb replacement

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