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Company Profile


Soundview Property Management believes that effective community association management begins with communication between association managers and the board of directors and between the board and association members.  Effective communication builds and sustains great communities.  Association leaders, their members and management team come together in the meeting environment to communicate and exchange ideas, discuss important topics, and conclude by making decisions regarding physical, financial and/or operative issues concerning their community. Positively managing the expectations of the membership can be a great enhancement to the quality of life in the community.


Watch the support and compliance with board decisions grow, as members are informed of the issues facing their community and understand why the board makes the decisions that it does.  Two-way communication also allows members to voice their comments, requests, concerns and ideas.  The board is better informed, basing decisions on the best interests of the entire membership. The board of directors is the policy making body of the association.  Although your manager does not make policy, we act as advisor to the board when our expertise and experience can add value.  As managing agent for your community we are responsible for carrying out the policy and directives of the board.  In this way the board may delegate the day-to-day operations of the association.


Our managers undergo thorough in-house training in areas of communication, meeting process, legal, physical and financial management.  Our managers and staff are qualified to assist and advise your board in every aspect of community management including continually monitoring state legislation that has a direct impact on homeowner associations.


Support of, and adherence to, the governance by the membership are facilitated by communication through board and committee meetings, newsletters, private intranets for the board and committees, and our Association On-Line Services for members to stay abreast of board and committee meeting schedules, meeting minutes, and actions taken.  Online membership surveys are another way to manage for results.  Our communication programs take advantage of technology for timely, focused and effective communication with the board and community members. We believe in the positive effects of quality communication.


We pride ourselves on our personalized, hands on approach and are dedicated to maintaining long term relationships with all of our communities. Our unique infra structure and advanced technology allows us to provide a complete range of quality services at a cost unmatched in the industry!


Defining Success:  We define our success by the quality and tenure of the clients we serve, not by the number of clients we serve.  We pride ourselves in adapting to the individual and specific needs of our clients, including customizing our management system to the client where appropriate and sensible.  Part of our strategy is to stay a medium sized management company with a solid portfolio of clients.


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